The Emerald Race / The Roma Juice

in the emerald race,
hatching of grubs,
hatching of stars,
with every
I seach for you
I am on a low-tyramine, low-caffeine prescribed diet and this is a total pain. I mean, I cannot have bananas and avocados! Or coffee. (and plenty of other stuff like dried fruit, fermented foods, coconut and soya, though I think by soya they meant tempeh, not tofu, and I’m still eating a bit of tofu). The reason is I have resumed taking antidepressants and the one I take interact strongly with foods high in tyramine (and caffeine and alcohol are out of the question). If you add on top of that the constant nausea (especially in the morning), I find it now hard to appreciate my morning hydration routine, that includes usually 1 liter of strong black tea, a coffee (albeit small) and some kefir (fermented drink).

What I have come up with is juice. I  usually try not to juice too much for several reasons:

– I think it’s not very wise in terms of food wastage
– we usually include too much fruit in our juice
– it takes time (prep, and cleaning)
While I don’t have a solution for the latter issue, the other two can be managed. I try to first juice the vegetables and keep the pulp to cook with (tossing it in a saucepan with a bit of coconut oil, and tomato sauce, or coconut milk and curry, making raw crackers) and then I juice the fruit and ginger/curcuma, which I then feed my compost with. Since I use little fruit (solution to the second point), the waste is minimal. Now, I’ve learnt if using less fruit, you need to come up with a few tweaks that makes the juice tastier. That’s why I include herbs and spices into my juice: think ginger, curcuma, cinnamon, cardamom, rosemary, tarragon, mint…
All taken into consideration, I think juices are a great alternative for me at the moment. They provide great nutrients, a little zing (well strong for me as I  use a lot) from the ginger and they don’t involve banana or avocado, or coconut, or tempeh… Ginger also helps with nausea so this is a winner!

The Roma
Rosemary fennel green juice
(vegan, raw, grain-free)

1 medium fennel bulb
2 rosemary twigs (both 5cm long)
2 handfuls of spinach
1/2 Granny Smith apple (1 if you want sweeter)
1/4 cucumber
2 cm ginger, peeled

Cut all veggies and fruit roughly and juice 🙂

Le Roma
Jus au fenouil et romarin
(végétalienn, cru, sans céréales)

1 bulbe de fenouil moyen
2 branche de romarin (5cm de long chacune)
2 belles poignées d’épinards
1/2 pomme Granny Smith (1 entière pour un goût plus sucré)
1/4 concombre
2 cm de gingembre, pelé

Couper tous les légumes et fruits grossièrement (ou en fonction de votre extracteur) et presser 🙂

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