Jerusalem artichoke carpaccio

« If I didn’t think, I’d be much happier »

Sylvia Plath

This « carpaccio » makes a nice savoury snack or a lovely entrée. I really like the taste of raw Jerusalem artichokes, they’re mild and have a slightly nutty flavour, so different from when they’re cooked.
I prefer not to peel them as they’re so knotty . Just scrubbing them clean should be fine

Jerusalem artichoke carpaccio
(vegan, grain-free, raw)

180g Jerusalem artichokes
lemon juice
25 ml hazelnut oil
15 ml apple cider vinegar
salt, pepper

15 g sunflower seeds
10 g flax seeds
10-15 g dried fruit (dates, mulberries, figs)
5-spice powder, to taste

Thinly slice the Jerusalem artichokes. The thinner, the better. Toss them with a splash of lemon juice, this prevents them from browning. In a deep plate, combine hazelnut oil, apple cider vinegar and salt and pepper, toss the Jerusalem artichokes in the vinaigrette and let marinate for half an hour. 
Make the crumble topping by combining in a spice grinder the sunflower seeds, flax seeds and the 5-spice powder until it reaches a flour consistency. Add in dried fruits (I used figs) until starts to stick together (depending of what dried fruits you use, you might need less or more, hence the 10 to 15 g)
Place Jerusalem artichokes in two small serving bowls, save the left vinaigrette for a later use, and top with 5-spice crumble. 

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